Community Digital Storytelling Videos

Guidelines on how to create Community Digital Storytelling (CDST) videos for participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and advocacy purposes.

CDSTs are short videos, based on a sequence of photos supported by a narrative. CDST can play a role in enhancing the community’s climate change adaptation strategies and increase local ownership of the processes of producing the CDST, and thus, their future monitoring and evaluation of components in the programme.

The overall objective of this guide is that the user learns how to produce short video stories that strengthening marginalized voices and sharing their priorities for adaptation strategies.

The CDSTs are designed to be used as part of participatory processes aimed at empowering community members. Videos are a powerful medium for involving community members, especially those who do not read or write as it allows them to share reflections and learning in their own voice and language.

The added value of CDST is that community members are able to document their own processes in prioritizing adaptation strategies as well as their reflections and results. In addition, CDST can be a valuable advocacy tool, both for addressing issues facing local communities with similar challenges in adapting through local and national advocacy as well as having the potential to address an international audience. This guide is built on a methodology applied in the Adaptation Learning Programme for Africa.

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