Portraits of Resilience: Building Back Better and Safer



Safe and adequate shelter is an important factor an affected community needs to recover from a disaster.

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan wiped out homes across Barangay Macaalang in the municipality of Dagami, Leyte. Many of these houses were far from sturdy and did not stand a chance against Haiyan. But through the collective action of community members, and CARE and ACCORD’s

program equipping the community with the necessary knowledge and skills to build back better and safer, Barangay Macaalang was able to rebuild in no time.

“ACCORD advised us to group together to make the rebuilding easier. If we do it individually, it will take a long time,” says Helena Olimpo, barangay councilor. The community received shelter assistance and materials. Apart from learning about how to build back safer, they also participated in other capacity building activities such as understanding hazards and disaster risk reduction, inclusion, and community drills based on their revised contingency plan.

The “Post-Haiyan Self-Recovery Housing Program” in Leyte, Iloilo, and Aklan was one of the winners of the 2017 World Habitat Awards.