FACT SHEET: Navotas City

Navotas is a flat and narrow strip of highly urbanized coastal areas located in the extreme northwest shore of Metro Manila.

The total land area includes the reclaimed area currently being utilized by the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority.

It is bordered by:

    • Obando, Bulacan in the north;
    • a system of riverways comprised of the Binuangan River, Daang Cawayan River, Dampalit River, Batasan River, Navotas River, Bangkulasi channel, Malabon channel, and the Estero de Maypajo on the east
    • the city of Manila to the South
    • Manila Bay to the West

The facts sheet below includes the following information:

  • Quick Figures
  • Location and General Description
  • Population and Housing
  • Economic Activities
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Protective Services
  • Environment
  • Disasters
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Accomplished Activities (October 2017-September 2018)

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