New Classification of COVID-19 Patients

From PUIs to PUMs, the Philippines has shifted to a new classification of COVID-19 patients. To make sure that communities are informed of these changes and to help them to better understand COVID-19-related news and information, this infographic was created.

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INCREASE or  “Philippines – Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards” aims to aims to increase the resilience of 45,00 women and men small scale farmers and fishers, including 720 extremely poor female-headed households, to natural hazards and the effect of climate change. The project will run from 2019-2021 in different parts of the Philippines, namely 36 barangays across 8 municipalities in the provinces of Cagayan, Mt. Province, Northern Samar, and Surigao del Sur. Its project components and activities include early warning systems, alternative livelihood, and climate and disaster governance.