Philippine Storm Warning Signal (PSWS)

This is an infographic of the latest public storm warning signal used by PAGASA. It aims to familiarize communities with the potential impact when any Public Storm Warning Signal Number is hoisted or put in effect in an area, and therefore make preparedness measures when a public storm hits.

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INCREASE or  “Philippines – Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards” aims to increase the resilience of 45,00 women and men small scale farmers and fishers, including 720 extremely poor female-headed households, to natural hazards and the effect of climate change. The project will run from 2019-2021 in different parts of the Philippines, namely 36 barangays across 8 municipalities in the provinces of Cagayan, Mt. Province, Northern Samar, and Surigao del Sur. Its project components and activities include early warning systems, alternative livelihood, and climate and disaster governance.