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Shiseido Partners with CARE and ACCORD on Cash for Protection and Livelihood Support for Women

by RILHUB Philippines


Empower women and you empower the entire community.


The Coronavirus pandemic has undeniably shocked the word with both short- and long-term impacts at the global scale especially to the vulnerable population including women and children. According to an inter-agency rapid gender assessment (RGA) in the National Capital Region (NCR), the COVID-19 Pandemic marked a significant increase in time spent by women in unpaid domestic and care work which in turn, limits their capacity to take or accept paid work, especially those that cannot be done from home. The Philippines has also been noted to have one of the longest community quarantine restrictions globally. With such limitations put in place, there is an increase in reports of domestic and gender-based violence (GBV) cases. Women’s access to sexual and reproductive health service needs are also limited. As such, women and girls have been put in a more disadvantaged position upon the onset of COVID-19, not to mention. Yet despite all of these, women have been continuously seen at the forefront of COVID-19 response. 

With over 140 years of history in the industry, Shiseido’s mission as an international brand is to identify new, richer sources of value and use them to create beauty in the lives and cultures of those it serves. As Shiseido Philippines firmly believes that business activities must place importance on the creation of social value, the company decided to give a portion of its revenue to help alleviate the plight of affected women and children during this pandemic. 

Through a fundraising activity, Shiseido was able to extend financial support to selected women’s groups to further economic empowerment. The grant was implemented by CARE and its local partner Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience and Development (ACCORD), Inc. through cash for protection to 110 female-headed households in Malabon City gravely affected by the pandemic.

In addition, four women-led community savings groups (CSGs) were identified to receive a livelihood cash grant to kickstart small and informal businesses within their communities to augment their income. To capacitate the CSGs, a resilient livelihood training facilitated by ACCORD and through RILHUB was conducted to ensure the sustainability and success of the CSGs.The training focused on resilient livelihood, community-based enterprise development, leadership development, business management, and customer potential. The CSGs are duly recognized and registered people’s organizations in the barangays.

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