Remote Mock Tabletop Exercises: Continuing Resilience- and Capacity-Building in the Time of the Pandemic (A Brief Introduction)

In the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of the resilience- and capacity-building efforts of different organizations and programs have been hampered by existing and constantly changing logistical restrictions and health protocols such as travel and face-to-face meeting prohibitions.

In lieu of earthquake drills, in what other ways can we simulate unprecedented risks in our community? In what ways can we continue incapacitating our local governments, our leaders, and our community members to be able to efficiently and aptly respond to emerging risks and disasters?

Tabletop exercises are one way that CARE and ACCORD  projects have been training their stakeholders. To learn more about how to conduct this exercise remotely as an adaptive measure to the pandemic, you may check out the Remote Mock Tabletop Exercises brief introduction below.

To access a soft copy of the said material, please click this link.