Stronger Together: Finding Hope in the Midst of Crisis (The MOVE UP Project Coffee Table Book)

The 2021 MOVE UP Project Coffee Table Book gives general information of the Moving Urban Poor Communities in the Philippines toward Resilience (MOVE UP) Project.

It is intended for readers who want to know a snapshot of the whole MOVE UP Project with Action Against Hunger, informing them of what the project is about, the MOVE UP Urban Resilience Framework, its goals, community stories, and results.

It features one-pager articles that narrate the impact of MOVE UP in people’s lives:

  • Ground Up Synergy – featuring Ms. Alma Bayan who was able to continue her livelihood in agriculture (that struggled due to the COVID-19 pandemic), enabling her to continue her education and send her kids to school. This was achieved through collaboration with local government units to promote social protection, community empowerment, and inclusive community resilience — especially in communities that are susceptibility to natural hazards and have contextual mobility restrictions.
  • Fortified Bridges: Paving the Way with Governmental Subdivisions – featuring Ms. Maine Galang, a partnerships officer at the Local Government Academy (LGA) who – through MOVE UP – was able to work with LGUs, the Department of Interior Local Government (DILG), and service providers or local research institutions to develop the competencies of local government personnel for disaster preparedness and resilience.
  • Leading Others to Saving – featuring Ms. Marie Joy Damali becoming the leader of her Community Savings Group (CSG) through MOVE UP. The CSG also underwent livelihood programs which helped them start a successful rice distribution business, saving them 53,000 PHP in Sept 2021.
  • Save Money to Save Lives – featuring Gemma Andot leading their ‘Pine Tree’ Community Savings Group (CSG), where the community was initially hesitant, but have seen its importance during earthquakes and landslides. They have saved 100,000 PHP for emergencies, crises, and household needs. Members contribute 20 PHP weekly, with penalty contributions for certain actions (ex. 5 PHP for not wearing a mask).

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MOVE UP- Mindanao is funded by the EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid and is implemented by a consortium of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which include CARE Philippines, ACCORD Incorporated, Plan International Philippines, and Action Against Hunger Philippines.