What is HPP?

The Philippines Humanitarian Partnership Platform (HPP) serves as an avenue to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of CARE and its partners’ humanitarian and development plans and work, through coordination, decision making, and collective action.

The main objectives of HPP include:

  • Facilitation of timely exchange of relevant information among members and partners, and other related institutions involved in humanitarian and development work;
  • Collaboration on humanitarian response and development activities, including but not limited to sharing of opportunities and resources to develop organizational capacities and enhance collaborative spaces for learning through the Resilience and Innovations Learning Hub (RILHUB)
  • Provide support among members on:
    • emergency response and preparedness;
    • anticipatory action;
    • non-emergency programs;
    • strategic presence and representation in the Philippines;
    • joint program and project development and implementation;
    • complementarity in capacity development and programming;
    • policy and advocacy; and
    • gender equality and social inclusion programming (GiE/GBViE)