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Portraits of Resilience: Champions of Resilience

In many of CARE and ACCORD’s partner communities, both urban and rural, there are individuals who stand out because they go above and beyond what is asked of them. These are our champions of resilience: people who are driven by their compassion for others, and the recognition that resilience-building is everyone’s responsibility. But what inspires […]

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Resilient Livelihoods: Thriving After the Storm (Portraits of Resilience)

In 2013, Haiyan barreled across the Philippines and left destruction and massive loss on its path. Millions of people were affected, particularly poor communities, farmers, older persons, and persons with disabilities — those most vulnerable to extreme events such as Haiyan — and many have yet to fully recover and strengthen resilience. Barangay Bayabas in the […]

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Portraits of Resilience: No One Left Behind

Disability inclusion is key in building truly inclusive and resilient communities. It requires addressing barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from engaging in community life, recognizing that these members can be active partners for meaningful change, and fostering an environment that empowers them to do just that. In Dagami, Leyte, several locals with disabilities participated […]

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Fact Check on COVID-19 Information

  There are several assumptions about COVID-19 – how it can be spread, how it can be it be killed, among others. Apart from keeping our social distance and maintaining our health, we must also be fully informed about what COVID-19 is in order to assure that we can act and react best based on […]

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IRM and Its Complex Cities

The Philippines holds valuable lessons in the merging, unique practice of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) in the urban context. The MANATUTI River Basin, which is one of the primary focuses of the Partners for Resilience (PfR) project, is located in the highly urbanized National Capital Region, specifically in Quezon City, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela […]

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Key Messages and Case Studies on Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

This document contains a compilation of key messages about Integrated Risk Management (IRM). It also includes a discussion of the resilience strengthening roles of local government units (LGUs), civil society, and community participation in IRM. Among the cases featured are integrated solutions for Lake Manit, IRM for complex cities, nature-based solutions to coastal zone protection […]

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A Resilient Island, Guiuan, The Philippines

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Voices of Manila Bay

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Resilient Livelihoods

Disasters cause substantial losses not only in lives but also in livelihoods. Chronic disasters cause the adverse impacts of these losses to accumulate by not allowing affected households to rebuild their livelihoods and recover.

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